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Top Ten Tuesday – books I read from recommendations

Ohhh man, it’s been over a year since I took part in any sort of blogging meme. I’m really wanting to focus more on developing this wee blog though so I reckon it’s about time to dip the toe back in. So, where better to get back involved than with Top Ten Tuesday? The classic.

This week the prompt is ‘Books I Read Because Someone Recommended Them to Me’ so here goes.

Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno Garcia

Two of my favourite bookstagrammers (@tome.raiders) read this for The Read More Book Club earlier this year and their review was so fabulous I just had to read it. I waited it out until October and it was well worth the anticipation – brilliant book.

My Sister, the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite

Can I say that ALL of bookstagram recommended this to me? If I had to narrow it down I’d say it was probably @literally_literary_chris‘s review that put it on my TBR in the first place. (Give him a follow, his reviews are brilliant). I feel like I was one of the last to ever get round to it and it was thoroughly enjoyable. Totally deserves the hype.

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

My girl @tabz_talks_tales got me HOOKED on SJM and her worlds. Throne of Glass was my first and I fell in love so hard with that whole universe. The series was my dominant read of 2019 and I had so much fun with it.

The Shining by Stephen King

My dad bought me this when I was young as my first horror read – I’ve never looked back! It absolutely gave me the horror bug and I’ll always think of it fondly for that reason.

Riders by Jilly Cooper

I’m a sucker for the genre of “posh people fucking about in the countryside” but for some unfathomable reason I’d never read the grand dame. My pal Mark recommended I read this one after we spent one Hogmany watching the (dreadfully hilarious) TV adaptation and I adored it. Utterly wild.

Absolution by Caro Ramsay

A woman I can’t remember the name of (sorry!) sat next to me at a book event back in February 2018 and she recommended Caro’s work to me. I’ve now read every single one of her books and am so grateful for the rec. Absolutely love meeting randoms at bookish events. Book people are the best people.

Lost Boy by Christina Henry

My bookstagram bud @paperbackpiano sent this to me in a book swap last year with a hearty recommendation so I quickly dove into it. I really enjoyed this one, loved the subversion of a well loved story to show the “true” darker story hiding behind the Disney fairytale.

Wanderers by Chuck Wendig

This was partly a bookstagram made me do it, part recommendation from a lovely chap that works at the St Andrews branch of Waterstones. Ended up really enjoying the book though so thanks for that, lovely chap!

The Abominable by Dan Simmons

This one was recommended on a thread in the r/horrorlit community on Reddit. It’s not my favourite Simmons read but it’s definitely up there. I love horror books set in isolated areas, especially mountains, so this one ticks a lot of my boxes.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

I probably would have let this one pass me by, despite the hype, because domestic thrillers just aren’t my usual thing. But my other Mark, not the Jilly Cooper fan, recommended this one and I’m glad I ended up reading it. Something a bit different (at the time) and very cleverly written.

21 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – books I read from recommendations”

  1. I NEED to read ToG. I’ve read the first one but haven’t continued. It’s just so long! It’ll take me ages to catch up! Also, I had forgotten about Gone Girl. That was like the first thriller I ever read because I didn’t think I’d like that genre – but that was such a great book!


  2. I have a digital ARC of “The Wanderers” and still hadn’t read it yet and totally forgot about it. Definitely need to pick it up! I read “Gone Girl” on a rec too, and omg such a legendarily great writing twist!


    1. Ohhhh cool, the Wanderers is a brilliant read I think. Especially given what’s going on in the world today, makes it an interesting one.

      Gone Girl was groundbreaking!


  3. There are some amazing books on here! TOG is one of my favourite series ever and I really need to get my ass in gear and order Mexican Gothic!


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