Hello! Welcome to Spooks Books – a (mainly) book blog focusing on my love for horror, ghost stories, literary, fantasy and historical fiction with maybe a wee bit of non-fiction thrown in here and there.


I’m Sarah a journalist and writer living in Scotland. I’m useless at keeping up with this blog but in 2021 I promise I’ll try and do better. I mostly post reviews on my instagram and keep the blog for bits and bobs of whatever else pops into my head to post about.

When I’m not working or reading I’m taking my elderly three-legged greyhound for short hops around the block, stitching, baking and other wholesome shit that wasn’t in my orbit before the covid lockdowns. It’s been good to slow down a bit though and I hope to keep it up even when the world is back to normal.

Oh, and I’m a bookshop.org affiliate, if you fancy seeing some of my curated book lists check out my shop here (if you choose to buy anything via this link I’ll receive a percentage along with local booksellers).

Anyways, cheers for checking out my blog, hopefully there’s something interesting in it for you.